21.09.2011, Words by dummymag

AZitiZ - What Is Love (Telepathe Remix) [stream]

Listen to a fresh and tweaking remix by the Brooklyn duo.

It’s always lovely to hear from Telepathe. We reported that they’ve been working on a new album a few months back, but apart from that, they were also busy with curating the latest Carbon Logic compilation, in which features their new remix of AZitiZ’s What Is Love.

This rework of New Orlean-based hip-hop artist AZitiZ’s What Is Love is a thunderstruck, tweaking avant-garde tune that was selected by the Brooklyn duo, due out on a 12-track digital compilation. The original version, Telepathe remix, and a second remix by UK producer Alphabet’s Heaven, are set to appear on a separate 12” release.

Stream AZitiZ – What Is Love (Telepathe Remix) here.

Telepathe – Carbon Logic compilation tracklisting:

1. Dokkebi Q – Gobbledygook
2. Subtitle – Consistent Knock
3. Shad[]wb[]x – Blue Brain
4. Eggchan & Coopz – Num Jaw
5. Abamieda11 – Making Me Laugh
6. Alphabet’s Heaven – Kops
7. Damgroove – Kids Killing Kids
8. I.A.M.M.E. – You Shine
9. Novoray – Street Life
10. [moos] – Seconds Flatter
11. Neotropic – The Horse Trainer
12. AZitiZ – What Is Love

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