01.11.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Babe Rainbow announces European tour

11.11 NYC, US brooklyn electronic music festival
16.11 london, UK
17.11 newcastle upon tyne, UK gateshead town hall (+battles)
18.11 liverpool, UK
kazimier (+battles)
19.11 dublin, IE button factory (+battles)
24.11 london, UK
st giles in the fields (+oneohtrix point never)
25.11 utrecht, HOL le guess who? festival (+ slugabed, tarwater, pink mountaintops, holloys)
26.11 brussels, BE
autumn falls festival (+ metronomy, holloys, & tarwater)
30.11 paris, FR point ephemere (+tarwater)
01.12 bordeaux, FR
i.boat (+tarwater)
03.12 berlin, DE naherholung sternchen
04.12 hamburg, DE
golden pudel

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