14.07.2011, Words by dummymag

Balam Acab - Apart [stream]

Listen to Balam Acab's raw moans, taken from his forthcoming Tri Angle-released album.

Apart is an MP3 taken from Balam Acab’s forthcoming album ‘Wander/Wonder’ that goes well with the lead track Oh, Why (which we blogged last month). Balam Acab (real name Alec Koone), once again, has impressed us again with his acute musical composition – Apart opens with 30 seconds of near-silent fuzz before the grainy synthetic grooves and pitched-up vocals come on. The lyrics are intentionally distorted so they’re hardly audible, but it doesn’t matter because his sound is so visual that on listening, the raw and chilling feeling can be felt.

BALAM ACAB – Apart by TriAngleRecords

Tri Angle will release Balam Acab’s second record ‘Wander/Wonder’ on the 6th September, 2011

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