19.12.2018, Words by Felicity Martin

BBC Three has unveiled a new 'Searching for Kanye West' documentary

"A fresh and revealing portrait of one of the most controversial and influential artists of the 21st century.”

A new documentary about Kanye West has emerged on BBC Three, exploring his controversial persona and asking where his “blinding self-belief” comes from.

The 37-minute documentary was produced by journalist Ben Zand, who journeys across America for the film, visiting West’s hometown of Chicago to meet his childhood friend GLC.

Attempting to get some answers about West’s recent antics, Zand also hits up Washington DC to meet conservative commentator and recent Kanye ally Candace Owens.

Earlier this year, Ben Zand produced a documentary about R Kelly’s sex abuse allegations, titled ‘The Dark World of R Kelly? Sex, Girls, & Videotapes’.

Watch ‘Searching for Kanye West’ in full here:

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