03.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Beacon - The Ways We Separate [album stream]

Hear the earnest Brooklynites' debut for Ghostly International in full now.

Brooklyn duo Beacon released their debut ‘The Ways We Separate’ this week, and Ghostly International are currently offering up a full stream. Ghostly make an appropriate home for Beacon’s eclecticism, with their diamond-encrusted synths, hip hop reference points and Thomas Mullarney’s Beach House-esque hushed delivery combine in ‘The Ways We Separate’s’ intriguing melting pot. The unquestionably lovely Bring You Back starts things off – which Dummy premiered a while back in fact – while Studio Audience’s yearns to “stay the night” are reminiscent of inc.‘s R&B earnestness: but go a bit easier on the schmaltz in the process. Stream it below.

Ghostly International released ‘The Ways We Separate’ on the 30th April.

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