17.09.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Bossy Love - Wind Me Up

The Aussie singer-songwriter wraps her butter-wouldn't-melt voice around brash horns and bass.
Aussie singer Amandah Wilkinson used to be the vocalist in shouty-voice-plus-violin band Operator Please, but her solo project Bossy Love follows a more whispery-voice-plus-brass vibe. Sounding like a rougher-round-the-edges, jungle-inflected AlunaGeorge, Wind Me Up is the first single to be taken from Wilkinson's soon-to-be-released EP 'Me + You', and evokes all the most sugary sweet 90s pop sounds – including a fast-lipped nonchalant rap breakdown – without losing its biting sense of self. 

Bossy Love will release the 'Me + You' EP on the 21st October.

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