16.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Brille signs Random Impulse

North London grime guitarist signs to Dummy parent company Brille Records.

Random Impulse’s music is brash and urgent and combines indie with grime. For those still smarting from the great grindie wars of 2005, don’t worry – the combination is instinctual and assured, with his guitars sharp enough to pass as ideal accompaniments to his rapping, and his MCing charming and strong. Not surprisingly, he’s had a fair amount of success standing on his own two, writing for Lupe Fiasco, touring with Ed Sheeran and notching up over 16,000 sales of his mixtapes.

Now, the north London MC and guitarist has signed to Brille Records. The Knife’s record label (and – full disclosure – Dummy’s parent company) will release an album from the guy his mum calls Jovel Walker next year, and are giving away an album of refixes through his Facebook that you can listen to below.

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