06.03.2013, Words by dummymag

Brolin - Reykjavik (Peaking Lights remix)

The duo turn in a typically spacious, slow-burning rework of the UK artist and mask admirer.

UK artist and mask admirer Brolin will have his Luke Abbott and David Rye-produced ‘Cundo’ EP released on Double Denim later this month, and has had Reykjavik remixed by Peaking Lights in the meantime. It’s not the most transformative remix you’ll ever hear, but as the duo showed recently with their ascendant take on Young Galaxy’s Pretty Boy, no doubt informed by their love of dub, they possess a real knack for crafting rippling airs of spaciousness and open-ended possibility. Stream it below.

Double Denim will release the ‘Cundo’ EP on March 25th 2013.

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