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In March, Brutus will launch its first full collection, 'All I've Ever Known' which marks 50 years of the brand, having been around from 1966 to 2016

Subculture is a huge part of the brand, from ska and reggae to punk and brit pop, Brutus has always been surrounded by emerging music and and trends 

Brutus owner Jonathan took over the company from his father and uncle and 'All I've Ever Known' is a nod to the brand's heritage

The Who My Generation (Mid 60's – Beginning of Brutus) 

Jonathan: "Brutus originally launched in 1966 during the first wave of mod subculture in London. The brand became the go-to label for mods wanting to look smart in white turtlenecks and button-down shirts."

Dice the Boss Tea House From Emperor Rosko (1970)

Jonathan: "Smart skinhead style followed the mod subculture in the late '60s. Reggae and ska dancehalls were the place to be seen, with big beats like 'Dice the Boss' playing to get you moving your feet!"

Desmond Dekker Dangerous & Beautiful (1968)

Jonathan: "Desmond Dekker was one of the most popular artists in the skinhead subcult – he released some of the best reggae tracks of that era."

The Jam In The City (1977 – Mod Revival)

Jonathan: "In The City is one of the best tracks from The Jam, a band that bought back the second wave of mod subculture and still managed to fit within the punk scene. Hitting the stage in black suits and white button down shirts, The Jam were not afraid to be different."

The Specials A Message To You Rudy (1979 – Two Tone Era)

Jonathan: "The creators of Two Tone, The Specials took the UK by storm! The band were revolutionary for releasing a new kind of upbeat ska music and their music bought together a mix of subcultures such as rude boys, mods and skinheads."

The Hotknvies Dave And Mary (1989)

Jonathan: "It wasn't just the bands on the Two Tone label who were dressing smart and releasing good music, The Hotknives released some great albums and are still making music today."

The Stone Roses Fools Gold (Football crowds wearing Brutus – 1989)

Jonathan: "During the late '80s and early '90s, football crowds wore Brutus. A soundtrack to the weekend would definitely include music from The Roses!"

Oasis Cigarettes & Alcohol (Football crowds wearing Brutus – 1994) 

Jonathan: "Moving into the '90s, Brit pop and the rave scene were in full swing. Oasis had a huge following and coined a casual style of adidas t-shirts and sports jackets."

The Dead 60s Riot Radio (New wave ska – 2005) 

Jonathan: "Although they were only around for 5 years, The Dead 60's released some great tracks that were influenced by early ska, punk, dub and reggae. They were part of a small burst of modern ska bands who launched at that time."

The Spitfires 4am (2015) 

Jonathan: "The Spitfires are a young band from Watford with a timeless sound. The Spitfires are part of a new generation of Trimfit wearers who will ensure that Brutus stays at the heart of exciting live music."


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