24.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Cat Power announces release of new album

The American singer/songwriter tweeted: "I have finished my record. It is called 'Sun' ".

Atlanta-born singer and songwriter Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, is set to release her ninth album this autumn.

As she revealed on her Twitter page, her new LP is titled ‘Sun’, and it will be out in the UK on September 10th.

‘Sun’ is the first Cat Power’s material after she released her 2008’s covers album ‘Jukebox’ and the 2006’s ‘The Greatest’.

Chan explained her intention to play every instrument on the record. “There’s an inspiration in being furious that you want to achieve your goals. I think I was inspired by being disappointed in myself that I’d just been holding the microphone and I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t been playing an instrument,” NME report.

Check the video for Lived In Bars from her great album ‘The Greatest’ below.

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