Charli XCX Doing It A G Cook Remix
22.01.2015, Words by dummymag

Charli XCX - Doing It (feat. Rita Ora) (A. G. Cook remix)

A. G. Cook has made a grand and opulent remix of Charli XCX and Rita Ora's new single Doing It. 

This isn't a huge surprise: Charli has expressed admiration for PC Music before, even revealing to Dazed & Confused that she's been emailing label head A. G. Cook about a potential collaboration.

So perhaps consider this the beginning of something bigger: if any pop artist is likely to take A. G. Cook's music into the wider consciousness, is there a better candidate than Charli XCX?

Asylum Records release Doing It on February 9th 2015 (pre-order), followed by 'Sucker' on February 16th 2015 (pre-order).

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