06.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Chief Keef's gun-range video might land him in jail

Pitchfork have been ordered to hand over the retracted video, as Chicago prosecutors look to prove the teenage rapper violated probation terms.

A few weeks back we flagged up an article on Chicago Drill, which painted an alarming picture of a blogosphere blackout on full reporting of the gang violence that has threatened to eclipse the rap scene’s music in 2012. The piece noted a Pitchfork ‘Selector freestyle’ video of Chief Keef from July, which featured the then 16 year-old brandishing guns at a New York firing range. The clip remained online for three months, before being retracted partly as a result of investigations into Chief Keef’s connection with the murder of fellow Drill MC Lil Jojo.

But the video has again garnered attention as prosecutors are investigating whether Chief Keef violated terms of an 18-month probation handed out following claims that he pointed a gun at a Chicago cop. As SPIN have noted, the fact that Keef’s terms included not going near any guns or illegal drugs (the gun-range clip also featuring shots of him smoking a blunt) suggests that the teenager may have landed himself in pretty hot water.

The developments look set to round off a whirlwind year for Chief Keef, which has seen him become something of a poster boy for the Drill scene following the breakout success of I Don’t Like. With his debut album ‘Finally Rich’ out on the 18th December and the court hearing due a day before, there’s a chance Keef might be celebrating the release of his debut album with a jail term.

Interscope Records will release ‘Finally Rich’ on 18th December 2012.

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