30.06.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Clams Casino's Instrumentals mixtape will be released on vinyl by Type

Massachusetts label will release woozy rap genius Clams Casino's famous free mixtape on lush vinyl, because they are a good record label.

New Jersey physiotherapist and perhaps the most gifted hip hop producer of the moment Clams Casino will follow his Tri Angle release this week with a de-lux double vinyl remastered edition of his Instrumentals mixtape on Type Records in August.

The 12-song free download was distributed by Clams himself, and was one of the year’s most revelatory releases. Made up of homemade productions for Lil B, Main Attractionz, Deezy D and Soulja Boy, its hallucinatory palette drew in everything from Bjork and juke to new age house and early 4AD. Whatever real is, this is it.

Clams Casino ‘Instrumentals’ tracklisting

1. The World Needs Change
2. Motivation
3. All I Need
4. Real Shit From A Real Nigga
5. Realist Alive
6. Numb
7. What U Doin
8. I’m Official
9. Brainwash By London
10. Illest Alive
11. She’s Hot
12. Cold War

Type will release Clams Casino’s album ‘Instrumentals’ in August 2011

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