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15.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Cuttooth - Old Tape Machine feat. Hitomi (SwamiMillion remix)

Here's a take on the light brushstrokes of Cuttooth's Old Tape Machine, with a familiarly tension-snapping turn from Hitomi of King Midas Sound. The remix comes courtesy of SwamiMillion, Will and Simon of LV's burgeoning beat project. Whereas Lemons – one of the picks from SwamiMillion's recent 'Sours' EP – was all colour and playfulness, this is altogether darker fare. Comfortably settling into the kind of murky trip hop sound explored by Kahn recently, the remix maintains little of the original's airiness – it's like layers of concrete being fortified around Hitomi's rice-paper-thin vocal. Stream it via Bandcamp below: 




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