17.02.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

CYMBALS - No Bad Decisions

Sharp, witty new song from London band on the up and up.

Almost a year on from their debut album ‘Unlearn’, London’s very own CYMBALS will release their new record ‘Sideways, Sometimes’. At eight tracks long it’s at that traditionally hard-to-categorise size: too big for an EP, not quite an album. Not that format really matters a jot any more. What does matter is that our boys have steered their ship to a sharper shores in every sense: the rhythm, the sound and the smarts. No Bad Decisions, itself a telling title, is a perfect example of refocused direction. I like it an awful lot. All that unlearning must’ve been good for them.

Tough Love will release CYMBALS’ new record ‘Sideways, Sometimes’ on 23rd April 2012

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