24.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Dave Saved - Cybernetic 3000

Stream a gnarly, tranced-out taster from Dave Saved's forthcoming Astro:Dynamics cassette.

The title Cybernetic 3000 may lead the listener to the assumption that Neapolitan producer Dave Saved’s latest is an Italo-referencing piece of retro-futurism, but this is definitely not the case. Instead, we are treated to a satisfyingly rough-around-the-edges piece of sonic hypnotism. As tribal drums underpin the melange, guitars rough like sandpaper tear through the mix, soon giving way to gorgeous swathes of synth that erase any feelings of fear and confusion caused by the initial disorientating groove.

In ‘Prisoners of Gravity’, the upcoming album from which the track is taken, we are to expect “komische-inflected analog jams with a degraded, foggy post-punk aesthetic”, a sound that we’re always down with.

Astro:Dynamics will release ‘Prisoners of Gravity’ on the 10th June 2013.

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