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25.04.2014, Words by dummymag

Devonté Hynes - Palo Alto

The artist also known as Blood Orange shares a new track lifted from his score for Gia Coppola's forthcoming film.

Devonté Hynes, the pop lord sometimes known as Blood Orange, has shared his first new joint since 'Cupid Deluxe' today, in the shape of the title track for Gia Coppola's forthcoming film Palo Alto. Based on the book by (and also starring) James Franco, Hynes provided the score for the film – something he discussed in his recent TED talkPalo Alto is a sweet little number, heavy on the flanger and the treble-y guitar, with Hynes pleading early on, "Don't you think that we were beautiful?"

Domino are releasing the soundtrack physically early in June, which as detailed in the tracklist below features several other tracks by Hynes. 


01. Devonté Hynes – Palo Alto  
02. Mac Demarco – Ode To Viceroy
03. Robert Schwartzman – Fútbol Americano
04. Blood Orange – Champagne Coast
05. Tonstartssbandht – 5FT7 
06. Coconut Records – Is This Sound Okay? 
07. Nat & Alex Wolff – Rock Star (Movie Version) 
08. Francesco Pennino – Senza Mamma
09. Robert Schwartzman – Graveyard 
10. Robert Schwartzman – So Bad 
11. Devonté Hynes – April's Daydream 
12. Robert Schwartzman – It’s You 
13. Jack Kilmer – T.M.
14. Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough

Domino release 'Palo Alto (Music From The Motion Picture)'  on June 3rd 2014 (pre-order). 

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