28.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Diplo to release new EP

The Philadelphia DJ's upcoming EP 'Express Yourself' is to be given away for free - preview it here in an energetic 3 and half minute sampler.

Philadelphia-based DJ and producer Diplo has announced the imminent release of a brand new EP, entitled Express Yourself. Featuring guest spots from Datsik, Sabi, Elephant Man, GTA and more, the EP will be available to download in full for free, and according to the message from Diplo on his Soundcloud, will drop “inna few days”. Hyperactive and crackling with dancefloor fervour, the 3 and half minute-long sampler, streamable below, indicates that this EP is one to look out for.

2011 has been a busy year for Diplo, with Express Yourself marking the third EP with his name on it released this year – if it comes out in time. He produced offerings from Maluca and Datsik and Kay in 2011, which also saw the release of the dancehall compilation he curated, Riddimentary: Diplo Selects Greensleeves, as well as production credits on hit songs such as Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) and a Mad Legit DJ mix.

DIPLO express yourself EP sampler by diplo

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