28.10.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Disclosure - Apollo

The Lawrence brothers make a beeline for the dancefloor with their pop-shunning new single.

Guy and Howard Lawrence, the brothers better known as Disclosure, told Dummy back in May that they have "always written pop songs", with Howard elaborating that on their debut album 'Settle', "We wanted to get a balance between having the fully vocal, more ‘pop’ songs like Latch and songs like Stimulation with a more clubby element, because we do both of those things, and we wanted to make sure we got that across.” Just in case the point hadn't quite been made, though, here today is Apollo, a brand new track from the brothers with an aggressive house pulse and no melody beyond the euphoric, wordless pulses of a female vocal sample. Standard dancefloor fare that couldn't be further from the ecstatic pop swing of Latch and the rest.

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