19.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Doubleheart - Roots

Stream the heavy-duty detail of the title track from the duo's upcoming 'Roots' EP.

We first got wind of the Doubleheart project when we spoke to JD Twitch in November last year, after he stepped up for our 100th Dummy mix. The duo, which features Twitch – one half of the team behind fondly remembered Glasgow club night Optimo – and eccentric fellow Scot Neil Landstrumm, released their ‘Roca’ EP earlier this year, and are now looking ahead to 2013 with a January release.

As was noted in our piece on Twitch’s Dummy mix, while the Optimo club prided themselves on specialising in “not specialising”, it’s the intricacies in the detail that makes Roots – which has been hovering on soundcloud in unmastered form for over a year – appeal. It’s built around a mucky house rhythm – a gothic pendulum of a beat delivered to get heads, and bodies, twitching on the dancefloor. As the beat festers, Twitch and Lundstrumm subtly layer syncopated counter-rhythms around it, and even throw in some dolphin-esque synth wails for good measure. The effect is that by its final minute, it’s contorted into a track as much for the head as it is for the body.

Listen to Roots (courtesy of FACT) below:

High Sheen will release the ‘Roots’ EP on the 28th January

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