07.11.2011, Words by Anthony Walker

Hear Drake's album title track, featuring Gil-Scott Heron, Jamie xx and Rihanna, and a new song with

With Drake's second album dropping in just over a week's time, two cuts off 'Take Care' have surfaced.

Lord Knows, featuring a Rick Ross in top grunting and wooping form, sits on a soaring Just Blaze beat and is the sort of track you’d expect from two of the biggest hip-hop artists at the moment.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is the title track. A re-working of the stand-out closer from Jamie xx and Gil-Scott Heron’s ‘We’re New Here’ with Rihanna and an auto-tuned Drizzy sharing the chorus; the rapper’s characteristic emotional but intent flow works well with the anthemic bassy drums and piano stabs of the original. Drake has already sampled British producer Jai Paul in the past. A lot of current UK dance music is candid in it’s appreciation of the hip hop and R’n‘B coming over from across the Atlantic and it’s great to see some of that love returned.

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