21.02.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy's teething problems explained

Sorry for the lapsed service over the last month, but the recent wrangles with servers and viruses are over and won't happen again.

Over the last month, regular readers will have noticed that – thanks to a server collapse and subsequent malware infection – transmission from Dummy has been a bit, well, intermittent.

It all started when, in the middle of January, we suffered a server outage. That the crash was due to a large upswing in hits was cold comfort. This outage meant three things – firstly, a large upswing in our swearing, secondly, much of the content since September was lost, and thirdly, we had to move hosting companies.

While this was going on, our virus protection was weakened, which meant that the inevitable happened, and malware appeared on our site. Malware, for those not down with this sort of thing, is a generic word for code that shouldn’t be there, and covers a great deal of unpleasant things from virus to trojans to worms. Bad news is what it is, and your browser may have sent ‘Proceed with extreme caution’ warnings when you tried to log on.

We’ve spent most of this weekend sorting this out though, and we’re pleased to announce that as of 9.30 this morning, has been given a totally clean bill of health. All and any malicious code has been totally removed, and you can log on without a worry for your computer. Moving forward, we’ve taken on a new firm to protect the site and shifted hosting company to ensure that these teething problems only happen once.

On a final note, we’d like to say a massive sorry for any inconvenience caused, and thanks for all the messages of support. We’ve got a great week of content ahead, from interviews with Nicholas Jaar and Glasser, mixes from Don’t Die Wondering, the final word on the Radiohead album and interviews with the shining lights of our party on friday, Snoretex, Actress, Lone, Pariah and Becoming Real. So keep checking back, follow us on Twitter, or like us on facebook, and you’d like to pop down and help us celebrate two years in the website game, we’ll be propping up the bar at London’s XOYO. Drop us an @ or a comment if you need anything else, and we hope to see you on Friday.

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