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25.01.2023, Words by Billy Ward

El-B drops archived dubstep track with Burial from 2009

The track has been in the vaults for over a decade...

Earlier today (January 25) legendary dubstep producer El-B dropped a surprise collaborative track with Burial which has been archived since 2009. 

Titled 'Prophecy', the 5-minute song landed on Bandcamp following the recent release of El-B's anniversary package with the caption: "Made In 2009. Straight From Nu-Levels."

Originally appearing on 'Nu Levels', a compilation record from El-B and J Da Flex dating back to 2010, the Burial collaboration was subsequently removed from all streaming platforms and remained locked away until today. 

Burial's influence is apparent throughout the track, featuring the spooky, ambient sonics the producer has become synonymous with over the years.  

Although bootleg copies of the track appear online already, it has now been officially released by the pair. 

Listen to Burial and El-B’s ‘Prophecy’ below. 

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