14.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Everywhere Else, 14th March 2011

Paris Is Burning, rap mag covers, Type Records and Biggie's murder reexamined – today's most interesting bits and pieces from around the internet.

Vinyl countdown: how crowdfunding helped tell the story of the last record shop in Teesside “Jeanie Finlay, a young documentarian who got the public to pay for her to make a film about life at the last record shop in Teesside, talks crowdfunding, Status Quo and David Cameron.” –

Paris is Burning, by Jennie Livingston “Learn all about the “Voguing” and drag balls of NY in the early 1990s. Everybody loves this film. Everybody.” –

FACT mix 230: Blawan “Today’s FACT mix is by Yorkshire acid head Blawan. He’s only released three singles to date, but they’ve knocked our socks off.” –

The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Magazine Covers “Before the blog boom, the magazine was the principle information source for hip-hop heads. Frequently their most memorable component was the gift wrap – the cover. Covers burned forever into the hip hop consciousness.” –

The Unsolved Mystery of the Notorious B.I.G.
“A Special Report: Did the LAPD suppress evidence that rogue cops conspired with Death Row’s Suge Knight to assassinate rap star Biggie Smalls? Inside the civil trial that is threatening to bring down the most powerful institutions in Los Angeles“ – [via The Essayist]

Label Profile: Type “For someone who has been putting out ambient, drone, and minimalist pop records for nine years, Type founder John Twells is surprisingly upbeat, a self-described “morning person” who flecks his emails with exclamation points and emoticons. Since founding the label as a 21-year old art student, Twells has been responsible for cinematic and often challenging cult favorites from Khonnor, City Center, Peter Broderick, and Yellow Swans, as well as Grouper’s definitive Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill LP (2008), and last year’s blistering Love Is A Stream LP, from San Francisco multi-instrumentalist and Root Strata founder Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. Type offers all of its releases— plus “Typecasts” by artists on the label— as free SoundCloud streams.” –

The Self-Titled Interview: Kode9 “First it was a mask. Then a samurai helmet. And finally, after days of deliberation, a simple sunglasses-and-snowcap ensemble for Steve Goodman—the DJ, producer and Hyperdub founder best known as Kode9—to wear to his self-titled photo shoot. Simply put, Goodman prefers not to have his picture taken, but after stopping by our office for an interview, the genteel Scotsman relented on the condition of maintaining a sliver of anonymity in his image. Call it finicky, but such controlling behavior is fitting for the man behind the post-apocalyptic dance tracks of Black Sun, a.k.a. Kode9’s second album alongside the Spaceape. Available next month through Hyperdub, it’s an otherworldly listen that unfolds like a paranoid film adaptation of Philip K. Dick, brimming with chest-caving bass lines, radioactive synths, and beats that riddle the pockmarked countryside like swiftly sprayed bullets.” –

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