22.03.2011, Words by dummymag

Everywhere Else, 22nd March 2011

Click for pieces on James Blake, Steffi, Terre Thaemlitz, Boiler Room/Ustream as homeclubbing, and listen to a mix by Pete Fowler (Seahawks).

Pitchfork Interview: James Blake “So it’s an emotional thing rather than an analytical thing? / I studied music in school and I have the capacity to analyze it, but then you might stop connecting to the people that you’re making it for. People can smell dishonesty on you. On this album, I felt like I was being totally honest— so I don’t have anything to lose. It’s not like I’m thinking I’ve made a bold move into the mainstream and now I’m waiting to see what the criticism’s going to be; I’ve made something I’m really proud of and that is as uncompromising as any of the other things I’ve written. I’ve done everything I can to stick to my guns.” –

Fear of missing out? Ustream and Boiler Room bring clubbing to your sofa “I don’t think there’s anything exciting about watching us DJing in front of 40 hipsters in a freezing cold warehouse in Dalston,” says Dan Foat, past Boiler Room curator and the man behind R&S Records. “It’s more about creating a buzz around each show. The Boiler Room plays a very important part in the surrounding culture of underground electronic music.” –

Interview with Terre Thaemlitz Part II “It strikes me that an understanding of distro is utterly essential for anyone who wants to know what kind of capitalism they’re living in (generally). What is implied when such dysfunctional distributive processes and distribution systems are some of the key factors that makes or breaks artists, sounds and scenes? I know you’ve thought a lot about this, so I leave the response very open…” –

A mix by Pete Fowler (one half of Seahawks )and Bobcatmon “Issue three from our new green house in a warehouse” via Soundcloud

Steffi Interview “I don’t release the music to make money. In this world its hard to make money of a release as people hardly buy vinyl and after one week its on the web for free so I am in it for the love of music and the good thing is I don’t have to think about if it will sell or not. I just release what I like!” –

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