08.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Everywhere Else, 8th March 2011

A Cold Call From Kelis and more links about goddesses and gods, including Noam Klar on Balam Acab, Erez Avissar on Gang Gang Dance and Edwin 'Stats' Houghton / Chris 'Jillionaire' Leacock on soca.

Artist Profile: Balam Acab “The voice of Alec Koone, aka Balam Acab, was more or less how I had imagined it: intelligent, slightly drawling, and flowing with the kinds of words one might expect from someone at the tender age of 19, like “weird” or “I guess.” There was no mention of the Mayan semi-gods from which his name derives, or the arcane mysticisms of a reclusive shadow producer— only the earnest observations of a young artist who enjoys experimenting with sounds, and spends a whole lot of time in his bedroom.” –

Photos – Gang Gang Dance live in a church “All photos by Erez Avissar.” –

Soca ball: the stars of the Trinidad and Tobago carnival “It is carnival in the southern Caribbean, with fierce competition to see which soca songs will become this season’s anthems. Here are some of the favourites …” –

Odd Future x Supreme bootleg Ts “It’s amazing it took the world this long to knock up the OFWGKTA Supreme rip-off! Are we all getting dumber? We should have done this months ago… Now it’s on sale at a BigCartel near you. If you’re so over shit that you’re already over Odd Future, you’re a miserable little guy.”

A Cold Call From Kelis “Hi Kells. What’s up?” / “Ha-HA! So, you was just dreamin? You got a fine ass woman next to you or what?” / “No. Well, I mean, there’s this one girl that I’m really feeling, but I get really nervous when I – wait. Why are you calling me at 3 in the morning?” –

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