22.11.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

FaltyDL - My Light, My Love [stream]

A tender moment unravels in theatrical style in new song from New York producer.

New York’s FaltyDL knows a thing or two about building mood. His music has a jazz and blues heart: flowing freestyle, tripping vibes, driven by emotion. Having notched up a bunch of 12” following his second album ‘You Stand Uncertain’ on Planet Mu back in March, his new EP ‘Atlantis’ finds him in a contemplative, internal mode. Heavy on the percussion, My Light, My Love is cautiously tender. “Hey baby, we can make it,” says a female voice full of Hollywood charm towards the end. “I need more time with you.” On a stark November day, it makes for a warming, distracting moment. By the way, Ninja Tune are giving away the title track in exchange for your email address over here.

FaltyDL – My Light, My Love by DummyMag

Ninja Tune released FaltyDL’s ‘Atlantis’ EP on 15th November 2011

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