10.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Fearless, now famous, Hackney woman who told off the rioters is a local jazz singer

Pauline Pearce, who became an internet sensation after being filmed shouting at rioters in Hackney, is a local jazz singer known as Lady P.

According to the Telegraph , the anonymous woman who was filmed admonishing looters with her walking stick and sharp words in Hackney on Monday night has been revealed as Pauline Pearce, a 45-year-old local jazz singer. Under her stage name of “Lady P”, she has a Monday afternoon radio show on Conscious FM.

The video of Pearce waving her walking stick and reprimanding the rioters destroying her home-town has been passed around the internet like wildfire since it was filmed on Monday night.

With courage and defiance, she told the looters to stop destroying the livelihoods that local people had worked hard to build up – ““And for what, just to say you are warring and a badman? This is about a man who was shot in Tottenham, this ain’t about busting up the place.”

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