11.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Forbes list the 20 richest people in rap

Good news for Hoova, Ye and Diddy; bad news for Soulja Boy (and you, presumably).

Riches rag Forbes this week counted down the biggest earners in the best genre, rap. At the top is Jay-Z, whose diverse range of business assets edged him ahead of Diddy, half of whom’s wealth comes from a deal with vodka brand Ciroc, a fact that will not surprise his many Twitter followers. The highest new(ish) rapper is Wiz Khalifa (responsible for one of our favourite albums of the year, the effervescent ‘Rolling Papers’) exclaimed “I’m one of them? That’s what’s up!” on hearing, sweetly. Notably absent from the top twenty is Soulja Boy, who pretended to buy a jet last month, and, presumably, you.

1. Jay- Z $37 Million
2. Diddy $35 Million
3. Kanye West $16 Million
4. Lil’ Wayne $15 Million
5. Bryan “Birdman” Williams $15 Million
6. Eminem $14 Million
7. Dr. Dre $14 Million
8. Snoop Dogg $14 Million
9. Akon $13 Million
10. Ludacris $12 Million
11. Wiz Khalifa $11 Million
12. Drake $11 Million
13. Pharrell Williams $10 Million
14. Timbaland $7 Million
15. Swizz Beatz $6.5 Million
16. Nicki Minaj $6.5 Million
17. Rick Ross $6 Million
18. 50 Cent $6 Million
19. Pitbull $6 Million
20. T- Pain $5 Million / B.O.B. $5 Million

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