16.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Four Tet – Moma

Kieran Hebden debuts new track for Japan benefit compilation

On the 10th January 2012, ‘We Are The Works In Progress’, a benefit compilation for the Japanese earthquake fund will be released. On it will be a new song from Four Tet, the chime-y Moma.

The compilation, out on Blonde Redhead’s Asa Wa Kuru label, aims to “support Japan and its ongoing efforts to heal post-tsunami”, and all profits will go to victims relief charities.

The full, and impressive, tracklisting is below.

1. Moma – Four Tet
2. No Face – Karin Dreijer Andersson
3. G Song – Terry Riley
4. Nightcrawler – Nosaj Thing
5. Berceuse – John Roberts
6. Penny Sparkle – Blonde Redhead
7. Bird On A Wire – Pantha Du Prince
8. In Here The World Begins – Broadcast
9. Drip – Liars/Blonde Redhead
10. Curve – Deerhunter
11. Stalagmite – Stalactite
12. Castles In The Grave – John Maus
13. Bamboo House – David Sylvain/Ryuichi Sakamoto
14. Song Seven – Interpol

Four Tet – Moma by Four Tet


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