18.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Frank Ocean - Whip Appeal

OFWGKTA's most soulful member sings a love song to a car, and does it well.

With the thoughtful note telling us that this is “something to drive, or jog to”, Frank Ocean dropped this previously unheard track, ‘Whip Appeal’, on his Tumblr this morning.

Layered, blissful vocals and charismatic synths make this one of Frank’s best lovelorn odes – and, fittingly, it addresses his favourite things: pretty girls and sports cars. Ocean shows his playful, upbeat side on this track, stepping away from the stripped-back and painfully open ‘White’ (released earlier this week ) with suggestive, smirking wordplay and that trademark falsetto.

‘Whip Appeal’ was originally rumoured to have been held back specially to be included in the commercial re-release of Ocean’s 2011 debut, Nostalgia, Ultra . Frank has frankly denied this, though, writing on Tumblr today, “Nostlgia, Lite is never coming out. Hahaha. What I look like a year later re-releasing my last album? Not icey. Bitch I’m icey.”

The link to the new track on Frank’s Tumblr appears to have been disabled, but unsurprisingly, plenty of clamouring hands managed to grab hold of it before that happened. Listen to it here.

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