31.08.2011, Words by dummymag

Future Shuttle - 'Water's Edge' [album stream]

Take a trip to space with NYC group Future Shuttle.

Ever wondered what would be the result of a jamming session by The KLF and Tangerine Dream? Future Shuttle might provide you the answer. Brooklyn-based duo (sometimes trio) Future Shuttle have just released their official debut EP today – it is an outstanding piece of music landscape that is so psychedelic, drony, and dense that it is capable to freeze time with its layered strings, distant chantings, and swirling notes. In this sensational record, our personal favourite song is Fog Spelunk – its floaty, delicate, echoing synth lines subtly infuses the swelling air with some kind of dreamy dynamic – stream it below.

‘Water’s Edge’ is produced by by Sam Haar from Blondes, who is the group’s long-time friend from Oberlin College.

Go on an ethereal journey with Future Shuttle, and stream their EP ‘Water’s Edge’ below.

Future Shuttle: Water’s Edge by alteredzones

[Cheers, Altered Zone!]

Holy Mountain Records/Intercoastal Artists released Future Shuttle’s ‘Water’s Edge’ EP on the 31st August, 2011, in which comes with a digital download with three additional tracks.

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