11.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Fyah Flames - What Would You Say About Me?

The Duppy Gun series, which sees Jamaican musicians and vocalists working with modern experimental producers, continues with a political anthem.

The Duppy Gun series of records sees experimental modern musicians such as Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras working with Jamaican musicians and vocalists, producing off-kilter takes on genres like dub and dancehall. The most recent entry into the series comes from Fyah Flames. Produced by DJ High Waistline – an alias of LA noisemaker MatthewdavidWhat Would You Say About Me? is a politically charged track recorded in Jamaica’s Spanish Town. In a short interview with Duppy Gun to accompany the release, Fyah Flames talks about the meaning of the song. It’s about the political system: “Around the four corner of the earth right now, fightin for power when they should just see a note of life, life is what we should be treasurin’, because once we have life you can take our life an feel like you can get your life back again.”

You can stream the track below, and watch a little video documentary giving an insight into its production.

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