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28.09.2021, Words by Billy Ward

GAIKA and Novelist are early champions of Dubler 2's voice-to-MIDI workflow

Vochlea Music aims to help musicians use their built-in tool for audio expression - the voice.

In a follow-up to their award-winning Dubler Studio Kit, Vochlea Music today launch Dubler 2, an advanced software-only voice-to-MIDI desktop application that allows you to turn your musical ideas into reality, using the voice. 

In line with the announcement of Vochlea Music’s vocal MIDI controller, renowned beatbox artist Reeps One utilises Dubler 2 in real-time, weaving intricate melodies and percussive patterns into an evolving performance piece. Watch the video below.


The software uses all the unique qualities of the voice to allow you to control any virtual instrument, as well as control samples and effects in your DAW. Imagine simply humming a bass line, or beatboxing a drum pattern, and getting instant feedback – that’s what the new Dubler 2 has to offer.

Far from a gimmick, the type of workflow Dubler 2 enables has garnered support from some of the biggest names in the business. Speaking about the software, grime mainstay Novelist says: “Voice-to-midi is like a dream come true, imagine how many times you’ve had a melody or a vibe and you’ve not been able to translate it exactly how you want it. Now you can.”

Using all the timbral qualities of the voice, the software allows musicians to: trigger samples; control synths; play chords; manipulate filters and effects; lock to a key; track pitch; pitch-bend as well as control envelopes, velocity and MIDI mapping values simultaneously, based on the individual way they make their unique sounds. “With Dubler 2, I can make chord progressions that unless I had rubber fingers, I just couldn’t play,” adds South London artist GAIKA.

Dubler 2 works with all DAWs, and training your voice to the software takes under 30 seconds, allowing musicians to start creating virtually immediately, providing record-speed workflows, whilst simultaneously providing unparalleled expression and control.

Berlin based electronic artist Portrait XO says: “I’m really in love with the vowel CC mapping feature on Dubler 2. I have mine set-up so that when I sing ‘aaa’ you get some decay control and then the others like ‘eee’ it does stutter. This is just the perfect thing for singers and beatboxers. Really anyone that wants to express themselves with their voice.”

Users can access a free 7-day trial at and will be able to integrate it quickly into their workflow by calibrating it with their preferred dynamic microphone, allowing them to experience the power of their voice in their production workflow right away.

You can also see an array of artists, from Novelist and GAIKA, to Portrait XO and Chiminyo, demo and speak about Dubler 2 over on the Vochlea Music website.

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