09.01.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Gang Colours - Fancy Restaurant

Bluesy bassline ballad from Southampton producer you really ought to get to know.

I first fell for the mournful tones of Gang Colours aka Will Ozanne this time last year and, shortly after, interviewed him in an Italian ice-cream parlour (cast your minds back here). At the time the Southampton producer was finishing his university degree and his then unmade debut album was the big, excited topic of conversation. Fast forward to the present moment and that album, ‘The Keychain Collection’, is wrapped up – with Will’s early-days hopes and promises very much present: most notably, they’re his vocals on the album not those of an anonymous sample CD. Lead single Fancy Restaurant is the most perfect example – a moody, bass-y blues ode to a loved one of whom Will sings: “I know you don’t care that much for money / but I’m gonna make some and take you out.” If that ain’t sweet, I don’t know what is.

Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant by Brownswood

Brownswood Recordings release Fancy Restaurant on 20th February, and Gang Colour’s debut album ‘The Keychain Collection’ on 27th February 2012

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