06.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Gatekeeper announce debut album 'Exo'

The instrumental electronic New York-based band will follow up their brilliantly gloomy 2010 EP 'Giza' with an album in July.

Experimental electronic band Gatekeeper, comprised of Chicago-born musicians Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkell, will release their debut album ‘Exo’ on 17th July via Hippos in Tanks, reported Pitchfork yesterday.

Gatekeeper, now based in New York, make dark and instrumental electronic music. Inspired by old horror movies, their productions often feature twisted, visionary, weird and tenebrous sounds. Their debut album ‘Exo’ will follow-up their 2010 EP ‘Giza’, which featured the mysterious Storm Column below.

Echoing the times, ‘Exo’ won’t be just a straight-forward listening experience. Apparently you’ll also be able to explore the tracks via a “first-person gaming environment” that will accompany the release. See below for album tracklist.


1. Imax
2. Exolift
3. Visitor
4. Bog
5. Vengier
6. Hydrus
7. Pre – Gen
8. Tree Drum
9. Dromos
10. Aero
11. Re – Gen
12. Encarta

Hippos In Tanks will release Gatekeeper’s debut album ‘Exo’ on 17th July 2012

Read Gatekeeper’s song-by-song breakdown of their ‘Giza’ EP

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