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08.06.2015, Words by dummymag

GFOTY apologises for Toumani & Sidiki Diabaté as 'Bombay Bicycle Club blacked up'

GFOTY apologises for dodgy comments made in an article for Noisey: "I was actually trying to make a joke about appropriation, but I fucked up and it wasn't funny."

GFOTY plays an ironic, exaggerated character – an ignorant posh white girl only interested in boys and money. But what happens when, in making fun of these attitudes, you end up replicating them?

Earlier today Noisey published GFOTY's review of Field Day, conducted over iMessage. Although full of typically GFOTY-ish comments ("Pretty damn fucking annoyed that no one has played any of my songs during their sets"), at one point she referred to Toumani & Sidiki Diabaté as "a tribal band" and like "Bombay Bicycle Club blacked up". Bombay Biycle Club are known for incorporating influences of different African music styles in their songwriting.

The comments were removed by Noisey but preserved by The Quietus.

GFOTY has since apologised for the comments, writing on Twitter that "I was actually trying to make a joke about appropriation, but I fucked up and it wasn't funny. I’m sorry. I know I push buttons, but I've gone too far this time. I was being really naive, and for that I take full responsibility."

Update: GFOTY's label, PC Music, have made it clear that GFOTY's comments aren't representative of the label as a whole, tweeting: "We are extremely disappointed by the completely inexcusable comments made by GFOTY. The comments do not reflect the views of the label, or our other artists. They do not reflect our ethos to create an inclusive musical environment and community of people from all backgrounds."

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