04.07.2013, Words by dummymag

Glass Eyes - 'Cero' [EP stream]

Glass Eyes have released a new EP via modern web label Zoology.

In his recent essay Sci-Fi, Hi-Tech, Future?, Adam Harper pointed towards Dutch label Zoology as proponents of futuristic music, highlighting the group Glass Eyes in particular:

“While broadly speaking their sound world is hi-tech in recognisable ways, there’s usually something genuinely future about their unusual combinations of textures, the inventive use of the TR-808, or the unexpected use of voice – the strange disgruntled sniff in Makes New Life on ‘Approval’ (maybe their best EP), a message in a new language wreathed in white-LED keys. Zoology’s videos match the music – check the fractalscapes of Mineral Beings’ Nightdriver and the hi-def object ontologies of Glass Eyes’ Guidance.”

Glass Eyes released a new EP recently (although at eight tracks it’s more a mini-album) named ‘Cero’. Making nods to kosmiche music, Trevor Horn’s sampling experiments with the Art Of Noise, ‘Zoolook’-era Jean Michel Jarre, and Daniel Lopatin’s occasionally dread-inspiring synthscapes and mixing it with complex, hip hop-inspired drum programming, ‘Cero’ is a satisfying, very dense listen. You can stream the EP below – listening with modernist ears isn’t integral to enjoyment.

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