03.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Goodbye to all that: Sandwell District and The Studio end operations

Brutalist British techno label and Swedish Balearic rock stars end operations on first working day of 2012.

Two of underground electronic music’s most interesting voices have put “making/releasing music” on their to-quit resolutions list.

Midlands-based record label Sandwell District began releasing dramatic, industrial-influenced techno in 2005, injecting some much needed dark romance and imagination into the then-faceless world of minimal dance music. With Silent Servant, Regis and Sandwell District themselves releasing through the label, it became a key proponent of entertainingly bleakly austere transmissions. On the 30th December, the following image was posted to their Tumblr, Where Next: Reminisce with a mix, available here.

So, no more music, more “live actions.”

Another great name in underground music was The Studio, whose two Balearic-influenced rock albums ‘Yearbook 2’ [Service, 2008] and ‘West Coast’ [Service, 2006] were some of the last decade’s finest, which are very worth listening They too have knocked the whole “being a band” thing on the head, via a message to their website.




2001 – 2011



2006 – 2011


Thanks to all involved

see you in another shape and form


/ d


Dummy would like to wish both groups the best for all next endeavours, and request that no other underground institutions commit copycat hari kari.

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