13.04.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Grimes's Vanessa video and d'Eon's Transparency video

Here's the video for the Grimes's Vanessa and d'Eon's Transparency, two great examples of how to make electronic pop music, both released on the same record, 'Darkbloom'.

We’re about 30 hours behind on this, but the new rules are that only Neil Armstrong and Haile Gebrselassie get to brag about being first, agreed?

Anyway, Grimes and d’Eon, two artists from Montreal interviewed by Dummy here and here are releasing a split on Hippos In Tanks, and here’s two videos from it. The first is Grimes’s Vanessa, directed by Grimes (Claire Boucher to her proverbial) & John Londono, the MP3 of which you can download for free above.

Grimes – Vanessa from Arbutus Records on Vimeo.

And now here’s d’Eon’s Transparency, directed by Grimes again:

D’EONTRANSPARENCY from Hippos In Tanks on Vimeo.

Here is the tracklisting for ‘Darkbloom’, their split LP out next week on Hippos In Tanks.

Grimes & d’Eon’s Darkbloom tracklisting

Grimes side A
1. Orphia
2. Vanessa
3. Crystal Ball
4. Urban Twilight
5. Ivory

d’Eon (side B)
1. Telepathy
2. Thousand Mile Trench
3. Tongues
4. Transparency

Hippos In Tanks will release Grimes and d’Eon’s split 12” Darkbloom on the 18th April 2011


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