17.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Guy Gerber compiles himself for Fabric 64

Latest edition of the Fabric series is announced, featuring 16 tracks by the Israeli house producer.

Fabric, the big name in clubbing and electronic music, are releasing the 64th edition of the run of albums made by artists they see as fit to release under their famous name. The latest is by Israeli Guy Gerber who secured himself a position in techno a decade ago. Gerber has produced 16 new tracks for the album, all of which are in-keeping with his rock-influenced and varied approach to electronic music. There are a few other artists featuring too, including Deniz Kurtel and Clarian North from the band Footprintz. Guy Gerber will be playing at the Fabric 64 launch party at Fabric, London on July 21st.

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