16.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Hear Giorgio Moroder's phone game soundtrack

Italo God and friend of Daft Punk Moroder has been drafted in by Google to create a soundtrack to a smartphone game.

Giorgio Moroder, Italian disco pioneer behind some of the greatest music produced in the disco genre (and in the 20th century in general, we believe), has been deservedly enjoying renewed acclaim of late. With Daft Punk’s inescapably hyped Random Access Memories LP featuring a 10 minute devotion to the artist, it’s a no-brainer that internet overlords Google have cottoned onto the populace’s admiration for the septuagenarian.

Racer, for your enjoyment below, has been composed by Moroder to soundtrack a game for smartphones and tablets alike, and features everything you could possibly want from a Moroder/computer game soundtrack combination: apocalyptic synths, check; heavy Euro-stomp beats, check; indecipherable vocoders, check.

In other news, in a recent interview with Time Out NY, Moroder has announced that he’ll be taking up DJing, in partnership with big-room-bothering Swedish producer Avicii. He has been considering taking on “two or three of four gigs a month” largely due to his interest in how the role of the DJ has the ability to surpass that of the producer.

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