27.09.2013, Words by dummymag

Heems - Soup Boys (Botany Remix)

This porous remix of the Queens man's sardonic drone rap gives it new lease of life.

Twitter hero and former prong in Das Racist's three-man fork, Heems's Soup Boys from recent mixtape 'Wild Water Kingdom' offered an original voice in the US drone debate (sample lyric: "Drones in the morning, drones in the night/ I’m trying to find a pretty drone to take home tonight"). It's just been remixed rather well by Western Vinyl's Botany, whose swift and porous backing gives the track new lease of life. If you missed it last month, check Botany's Anchor ahead of his debut album at the end of October. 

Western Vinyl will release Botany's debut album 'Lava Diviner (Trustory)' on the 29th October 2013.

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