01.06.2011, Words by dummymag

Hudson Mohawke returns!

Hear tracks off Hudson Mohawke's new EP 'Satin Panthers' inside, right now.

We’ve waited long enough, and finally get to find out what Hudson Mohawke is up to recently. His new track Thunder Bay is a smashing and violent comeback. It is taken from his forthcoming Warp -released EP, ‘Satin Panthers’; played by Gilles Peterson last night; and is a perfect example of whatever is the word for this combo of electronic, 2-step, and R&B. Whatever you call it, this is a big dancefloor track – the buzzing synth lines, hustling horn sounds, and snapped-up drumbeats speak for themselves. Turn up the volume right now.

Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay by hudsonmohawke

Warp will release Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Satin Panther’ EP on the 1st August, 2011

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