Inga Copeland Because Im Worth It
09.05.2014, Words by dummymag

Inga Copeland set for surprise album launch party with Actress in London

The former Hype Williams artist will launch 'Because I'm Worth It' at Plastic People on May 21st.

Inga Copeland's forthcoming solo album will be getting a full launch at London's Plastic People on May 21st, with Actress, previous collaborator Jon T Gast and Mike Levitt also set to perform. 

The album, titled 'Because I'm Worth It', will be self-released under the new name of "copeland". When the tracklist was first announcedadvice to young girls stood out for having been made "w/Actress", so it makes sense to see the Werkdiscs boss named to play at the launch. There's still no exact date for the album release, but with the annoucement of this party, you'd expect it to land either on or around May 21st. Tickets for the show are on sale now

This week Copeland shared a suprise one-off 7" that won't appear on 'Because I'm Worth It', the stomping Smitten. 

copeland will self-release 'Because I'm Worth It' in May 2014.

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