22.10.2012, Words by dummymag

It looks like patten is writing again

Footage has surfaced from the London producer's new audio/visual shows, indicating that some new material might be on the way.

A snippet of patten recently performing in Paris has now emerged onto the internet, and the clip appears to not only show that he’s been occupying himself with projecting his new audio/visual performances to crowds across Europe, but that he’s also been potentially writing some brand new material. The video itself, which is just over a minute long, is included below courtesy of Lliesse :

Dummy had the opportunity to interview patten back in September last year, where the producer explained just how much importance he places on live performances, and how it is a major contributor to the composition of his music –

“I tried using the live environment as a testing ground but also as a compositional zone, using those spaces as a place to, if not actually compose, to consider further compositional decisions. […] It’s important for me when I’m playing live that there’s a whole thing where it’s slightly out of control, always different. There are certain trajectories and arcs for different tracks, ways in which I want them to develop. The guts of it is really intuitive; it’s always very exploratory.”

Seeing as live performance plays such an important role in the way patten composes and tests new material, we can only assume that he’s been taking advantage of his recent live performances fully with regards to that ethos – which hopefully means new music. With shows booked in until 10th November there will still be plenty of time for patten to refine his compositions and explore new avenues whilst performing, hopefully in preparation for a potential follow-up to last year’s ‘GLAQJO XAACSO’.

This article was edited on the 25th October 2012 to give proper credit for the video footage used.

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