After Dark 2
21.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Italians Do It Better give away 'After Dark 2' instrumentals

IDIB are benevolent types - cop the instrumental package of their awesome compilation.

Last night, the benevolent types at Italians Do It Better gave away their awesome 'After Dark 2' compilation in instrumental form.

In a post on their official blog, the IDIB camp outlined their reasoning:

Due To Popular Demand From Djs, Designers, Directors, Dancers, & Debutantes…
We're Posting The Instrumental Version Of "AFTER DARK 2" For Everyone To Cut Up For Their Mixtapes, Runways, Films, Stages, Parties, Etc…

You can download the instrumental compilation either at their blog, or you can simply click here.

'After Dark 2' was one of Dummy's favourite releases of the year so far – you can read what we had to say about it here.

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