14.04.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

New York Magazine slightly awkwardly asks James Blake (the singer) about James Blake (the tennis pla

Funny, if sightly cringe-worthy, chat with the fairly successful singer-producer.

James Blake on James Blake the Tennis Player, Odd Future, and the Hype: ‘I’m So Far Ahead of Whatever Last Blog Post You Read About Me’ You just got me thinking about an Odd Future–James Blake remix and I think that would make the Internet blow up. I think the Internet would die if that were to occur. Anyway, conversations about you with the uninitiated in the U.S. seem to invariably include the phrase, “You mean the tennis player?”


Do you play any tennis?

I do. Um, I’m not ranked. [Laughs.] It was my favorite sport, but that was probably because I wasn’t very good at football. I didn’t grow up to be seeded or anything.” –

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