Joakim Tropics of Love Artwork
30.04.2014, Words by dummymag

Joakim - Bring Your Love (feat. Luke Jenner)

Following his recent downcast Neil Young cover On The Beach, French artist/producer Joakim has shared another new song from his new, fifth album, 'Tropics of Love'. This one features Luke Jenner of recently departed dance punk group The Rapture on vocals – they recorded it in the kitchen of Joakim's new apartment in New York – and has a sort of lovely, Peter Gabriel-goes-to-the-beach vibe.

The single will have a few remixes from Sam Tiba, Young Marco, and William Burnett. You can check the tracklist of 'Tropics of Love' below.


01. Chapter 1 
02. Bring Your Love (feat. Luke Jenner)
03. 3 Laser Fingers 
04. Heartbeats 
05. Chapter 2 
06. Each Other 
07. This Is My Life 
08. RX777 
09. Chapter 3 
10. Man Like Moon 
11. On The Beach 
12. Hero 

Tigersushi/Because Music release 'Tropics of Love' on May 26th 2014.

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