Jolly Mare
05.08.2013, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Jolly Mare - Nobody Cares

Retro-futurist funk all the way from Italy.

Here we have an infectious piece of retro-futuristic funk from Italian producer Jolly Mare. Despondently called Nobody Cares, the song nevertheless grabs you by the ears from the first few seconds. It's a veritable medley of different synth leads, each one oozing a different flavour when it comes to the fore. A drum machine breathes nostalgia with its almost clunky beat. The video (watch below) picks up on that notion with VHS footage from some offbeat film about a strange civilisation by the sea, and it somehow echoes with Jolly Mare's expertly synthesised rhythms and melodies. What strikes most though is the bassline, a bouncy modulated synth that infuses the song with an inescapable, indefatigable groove. All in all, it makes for a song to which you're not sure whether to boogie or recline.


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